A realisation…. But is it too late????

Time has been passing and life is becomes more and more exciting than i had ever expected. I always had been a kind of person who was more concentrated on achieving my aims and ambitions. But in this run towards achieving excellence, i somewhere feel that i have missed something special. Being more inclined towards technology, has my heart been too technical?? Yesterday was one of my close friends birthday, but i was so dumb to forget it. Later at the end of the day, when she herself called me, expressing her sadness, there struck a lightning of realisation. Then i started thinking for the whole night. I wasn’t slow in realising that I been doing something wrong from past 6 months or so. Slowly i was getting away from my friends. I had stopped sending forwards to many. I hadn’t replied to many messages nor had i called many of my them. And yesterday, when i was watching the movie BADMASH COMPANY, though it was a 3 hour crap, it made me realise the true value of friendship.

This post, i would dedicate it to all my DEAR FRIENDS, who have been with me for a long time, supported me in my good and bad times.

Friends, SORRY for what i have been doing and I PROMISE TO STAY IN TOUCH FOR EVER.

Also let this blog post be a message to all those who are getting too mechanical with their life, ones who are too busy to think about the people around you, “Never ever take relations so lightly”. It is always reciprocating. If you respect the relation, the relation respects you.  Truthfully ask these questions to yourself and then even you might have a realisation streak like what i had.

1) Did you ever confess to your friend about how important he/she is in your life?

2) On how many instances, you actually thanked your MOM and DAD for everything that they have done.(We tend to remember to thank them only on Mother’s or Father’s day!!!!)

3) When you had really hurt someone who cared for you, why did you ever hesitate to say “SORRY” to him/her?

4) Have you ever thought about your neighbours problems seriously?


Think seriously friends…. Everyone might laugh with you and have a happy time together. But how many people actually are comfortable to share their difficulties with you? Its high time, we think of it all. I have realised the importance of some everlasting relations. And yeah, it’s never late. But don’t let it happen so that, you realise the importance of somebody when that person goes away from your life.


Think-Its never too late
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