Apsara Kunda- An Unknown Heaven….

Though India boasts about the rich heritage it has got, we have to admit that, there are many beautiful places here which are worth a lot of attention, but stay unnoticed. Among those hundreds of places, I would like to introduce one such beautiful place that I had recently visited. It’s name is APSARA KUNDA. The name is associated with the story of Mahabharata and  is named so because it was believed that the APSARAS(Angels) would bath there. There is also a long story that is associated with the formation of this place. The locals here belive that, Bhima’s mother, asked him to get some water to quench her thirst. Bhima had got surplus of water which he eventually spilled, which lead to the formation of this beautiful place.

Stories apart, the place is a real treat to the eyes. What all can you expect from a tourist place? A falls?, A mountain?, Place of trekking?, A sea?, A beach? , Temples?, Caves?, A lake?, A river?  The best part of Apsara Kunda is that, we can find all these at a single place. I was actually shocked when my friend told me this. But more surprised was I when I actually saw that it was  true.

Apart from the 1.5Kms tiring walk from the highway, everything there seems to be beautiful. This place is located 5 kms from Honnavar and is a shadowed beauty.  When you reach the place, first you get to see two beautiful temples which are carved in the caves, under the mountain. Walking further, we see a falls(small one) which was flowing with full fury during our visit. The place is perfectly placed and the ambience is inviting. After enjoying there, if we walk up, we can see a vast spread, clean beach where we can spend an entire day, if given. After enjoying there for quite a long time, we walked further and noticed that it was the place where some river meets the sea. It was really fun challenging the forces of both sea and ocean and walk across that place to find a rock climbing spot. There stood tall rock mountains that were a treat to watch. We managed to climb a good distance, and then had to return back, due to inexperience and the increased danger. Then then if you climb up the mountain, the scene is awesome. Huge spread sea in the background, small streams of water here and there and a cave at every 100mts. There is also a lake there where you can swim and spend your day.

As of now, some amount of developmental work is being done there. A resort is being built, the accessibility to the place is being worked on. Lets us all hope that, this place becomes a well-known one, soon.

Overall, this is one place that definitely deserves your visit. So pack your bags and pay a visit soon. For pics of this place, Click Here

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