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This is my first ever submission for BAT, and it feels great to be a part of this mega blogging event. I was always suggested by Narendra to take part in this event and here I come.

For this,let me start with a small story.

Hari was man of self-esteem. He always was such kind of a person who believed more on his self-abilities rather than luck. Being a modest and a loyal person, he was very happy with happenings in his life and never had any complains.. Though his friends circle was not the best, he always managed to be a good student throughout. Scoring modest marks with good behaviour and was a teacher’s pet. As they say, bad boys manage to attract more girls, he was very unpopular among girls. He would see his friends roaming with their girlfriends and he always had one WISH. He wanted to have a girl in his life who would support him in every phase of his life.

Luck never supported Hari (he bothered least about this). His first ever love resulted in disappointment, when his best friend himself managed to pair up with her. His wish grew stronger and stronger, but unfortunately, he couldn’t help.  He always wondered, if being good and decent is not the right way to live. But he stood firm and never crossed the limits.

Finally “THE GOOD BOY” nature, played its role and he got a girl in his life ,Neha. A sweet, good looking, go

od girl. Hari was on cloud 9 and thanked God for what seemed like 1 million times. Life suddenly seems more beautiful and colourful. He knew his responsibilities well and unfortunately his wish list started growing. Now, to keep the girl happy, he wished for more money, he wished for better results, he wished to be more cool, he wished that, he wished this etc. etc. etc.

The boy who had no complaints in his life, now started seeing many loop holes in it. He used to get very angry, when something that he used to wish wouldn’t come his way. He expected life to be the way he wanted it to be. Life on one side was very colourful, but on the other side, very very dark. Many a times, he was frustrated with himself.

…………….. The story continues and I think you all can guess what the climax of it would be.

This is a very very simple story. This is something that many of us might have experienced in our lives. Wishes are an integrated part of our life. But one thing that i would like to mention here is that wishes remain as wishes if efforts are not put in to fulfil it. And as a result of all the wishes not being fulfilled, a person many even go into depression, like in the case of Hari, So to all the bloggers, participating in this BAT and all other reader, who have many of our wishes, do you think all the wishes will be fulfilled in life?

Many of them, complaining about wishes remaining just as wishes because people tend to get too much involved in them, that they forget to put in efforts to fulfil them. One more point that I would like to make here is that, the wishes should be among ones reach. A normal person like me wishing to be A

merica’s Next president is senseless. Yeah, I do agree that people say to dream high, no matter we achieve it or not, we should be happy that we have given it a try. But don’t you feel that there is a difference in falling from a 100ft building and a 10 ft building? Which one hurts more?

Wishes should always be supportive and encouraging. They should give a new meaning to our life, not destroy it.

Let all our wishes not just remain as wishes and let all be fulfilled.

I have one wish, which is to win this BAT. So I have put in my efforts and have written this article. But if even you wish the same, put in your efforts to vote me and help me fulfil my wish. I don’t like falling even from a 1ft tall building!!!!

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  1. Good Narration and most importantly liked the conviction with which you have written it!

  2. For a first attempt this is good.

    you would need to probably reformat a bit for an easier read.
    A white background also helps[ just a suggestion]


  3. Narration was the key.. I am amazed…

    I wish you a good luck for BATOM – 12

    Saravana Kumar – Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  4. good first attempt

    Good Wishes for BAT12!

    Gkam – Wish

    • Brijender
    • July 11th, 2010

    A very pragmatic take on life-bold and intutive.It is neither positive nor negative. Yet,it hits the truth bang on the head.
    Brilliant thoughts !

  5. Good luck on your wish to win this BAT12!

    I am sure you’ve exerted much effort to pen this nice story…:-)

  6. Hi Shreyas, welcome to Blog-a-Ton.. Well, it was a nice sweet post to start ur BAT journey.. I hop u keep learning and improving with coming editions.. nd lemme tell u, ur last wish will definitely be fulfilled which sheer conviction 🙂

    • thanks vipul…. will surely come up with better and better posts in coming editions of blog-a-ton…..

  7. it was simple but good…
    i liked the part where u said wishes should be backed by efforts, so true 🙂
    i understood from the go that u were boiling with ideas and have much to say..
    just one suggestion brother, read a lot, there were mistakes spread across but ur attempt was good, even am new to blogging, so we share a lot in common…
    and yes, keep writing, the more u write, the more u will explore urself..

    • yeah vivek.. we have a lot to share….
      will keep in mind ur suggestion..
      thanks and keep visiting the blog…

  8. so that is a prescriptive post of Rational and objective wishes…

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