A beginning… (1)

Nitte,had been something that I was very familiar with right from my second standard, for the reason that almost everyone knows. I used to see the college quite often and had been wishing to study there. Right from the moment, I started my PU career, I was sure that NMAMIT is where I am going to end up with.

And CET counselling was not so exciting that I had expected it to be. Obviously I choose Nitte. But only Question was WHICH BRANCH? Many wanted me to take up EC (dad also was from EC background). But always I had my mind and soul with Computer Science. I managed to convince all that CS was my destiny(100/100 in CS in PU exam helped). And there I was, coming to the college, branch of my choice.

Initially I did have the fear of how life at Nitte would be. With dad as the Principal of the college, would students accept me? Will be able to have fun like other students?  But soon a lot uncovered and I found out that Life at Nitte would actually be fun.

Aug 18th, Familiarization Program. I reached well at time to the college and came to know that our batch had to attend a function at Sambhram while other few had to move to the Indoor Auditorium for Orientation Program. Many people spoke and then when it was the turn of rewarding few students with good scores, my name was called (not really sure, if I deserved that) and I was handed over a bouquet. Nothing worth mentioning happened that that and by afternoon I was back home.

From my other friends, I came to know that Orientation day was fun and was completely waiting for the next day. All of our friends had plans of being in the same group and so reached the place at the same. But we were distributed into different groups and there I landed into ROSEWOOD team, a team that had members I never had seen earlier. Ratan and Madhu from EC were the leaders of our group and thanks to Ratan( He loudly asked if I was princi’s son) I experienced the first ever ” He is the one” stare for everyone of our group. Hush Hush’s began and soon some people started introducing themselves to me. I preferred to remain silent that day and hence I was hardly noticed. Our team did an awesome skit of Obama and Laden and I gave the idea of carrying a person and a plane and crashing him to another person who was supposed to be the tower. I know Krishnanand might still curse me for choosing him to be the plane. Later I came to know that I had some good friends in that group. Andrea, Shaila were from the same group (I rarely spoke to them that day, but we had lots of fun later).  Krishna was my Coding partner for the entire first year. We competed in some coding events with no success.

Next day was supposed to be the first day of classes and to my bad luck ended up going 10 mins late to the class. Anagha Mam was taking attendance and I just reached at the time of attendance.  Only first bench was vacant and I had to settle there for the entire SEM, with Chirag being my bench mate.  The classes went well that day and we had an awesome group of lecturers teaching us. One lecturer whom I would always remember would be Parashuram Sir. He was very encouraging and I learnt a lot from him. CCP was the subject that I like the most. And used to enjoy those classes. Basic electronics classes were fun and I enjoyed getting +2 marks for answering some difficult questions that sir used to ask during the class. CAD classes were always fun and I enjoyed completing the exercises much before other could. Vinay Sir was very encouraging.

Soon it was time for First Sessionals. The performance was great, with me loosing just 1 mark in total. This set up a higher expectation level from me and i was expected to deliver everytime. In the mean while, people were getting close to me. I had many new friends. Ashwin, Sumanth, Akash, Anuj, Joshil all become close to me and I had wonderful moments with them.  By then, Ignite was happening in the college and It was the first every fest that I attended. I was working on a IISc Project then. But due to time constraints, I couldn’t submit it on time and hence was disappointed. Then Yuvaraj Sir had asked me submit the same as a technical paper during Ignite and Vinay sir helped me then. When I found that the topic of my presentation didn’t match the credentials, I sat over night and authored my first every technical paper of “Quantum Computer and their use in Cryptography”. When I was about to present the paper, I was welcomed by many surprising stares, but I managed to pull up a decent presentation that was well appreciated by everyone.

I could see that the things were falling in place for what was supposed to be a Beginning to many new things. I had many ambitions, many things to achieve. But “First Year Student” tag was a great hinderance. Admist all these I never compromised on fun that followed in the later part of First Sem.

But I guess I will have to pause here. Let me refresh my memory and come to you with the later part of the first SEM soon.

PS: Thanks to Vikas for reminding me the date of commencement of classes.

    • Vikas G
    • August 9th, 2010

    Good one Shreyas! There was a recap going on in my mind too as I was reading this. Its my pleasure to have reminded you about the date of commencement of classes.

    Looking forward for more to come!!

    • Thanks Vikas. You better start blogging soon…

        • Vikas G
        • August 9th, 2010

        I sure will.

    • djds4rce
    • August 9th, 2010

    welcome to blogging 😀

    • Ravikiran Kamath
    • August 10th, 2010

    Awesome buddy..!!
    This blog made me to remember all the fun that i had during the opening days of the college…!!
    Every time when i am sad or upset i will go through this blog again n refresh the joy n fun that i had with my friends…!!
    Thanks to you buddy…!!!

    • Thanks RK,
      The fun that we had in holidays, especially the KARKALA EPISODE will follow in the later part of the blog. Keep visiting.

    • Abhishek Shenoy
    • August 10th, 2010

    This is a very good account of the life of a “first year” engineering student.
    Unbelievable,but its true guys,we are 25% engineers..!! 🙂

    This is my first visit to your blog.More visits in the coming days.Very nice blogging work,please keep it up.

    Abhishek Shenoy

    • The real engineering is yet to begin Abhishek. 1st year was just a preparation. More articles will follow describing the other memorable events of first year. I have just told half of first SEM now.. Keep visiting.

    • akash
    • August 11th, 2010

    yea bro…nitte E section rockz 4evr!:)
    n cheerz 2 our frndshp ..long live our memories!!

    • It was surely the best class.. Hope our CS branch also rocks…

    • Smitha
    • August 12th, 2010

    gud one…u presented this one in such a way that u knw…while readin this i felt,went through all of your experiences..how it is to be a principals son,how would other students treat you!and i know u coped with al these.nd how many friends u have now 🙂

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