A beginning…(2)

The first half of this SEM seemed a bit boring to me. The fun that we used to have in PU days was missing. But soon things changed and a new class unfolded for the rest of the SEM. People started getting closer and classes were more fun. I still remember those Environmental classes where we enjoyed the m ost. Almost everything seemed so colourful to me. I also had found my best friend of this college Shyam, with whom I spent most of the time in college. He also was my new benchmate and I started shuffling my place due to some obvious reasons( my classmates would know that better). Those chemistry labs where we used to finish the experiments early and used to chat a lot. There I found yet another good friend of mine , Smitha. It so happened once that, the lab was dispersed soon and we were so busy in talking that we never noticed it and we happened to be the only 3 people remaining in the lab. Those days were amazing. I started interacting with more people and everyone seemed friendly to me. Thanks Andy for troubling me the most.

Soon we had our second sessional and again my performance was good. The highlight of this sessional was the last day of it, where we all visited Parappady falls. Someone in the group misguided that its nearby place and hence we chose to walk. Later we did realise that it was a very wrong decision. Heavy rains added more misery to our travel. Ashwin, Sumanth, and others had a trip of their lifetime in a tractor, which they seemed to enjoy the  most (shelling out 500 bugs for that was something that they didn’t enjoy though).  This trip got us more closer and the classes became more fun.

Then there took place an event, which brought a lot of changes in me. Windows 7 launch party. Not really sure, if even Karthik would mind it so special, but this event brought about a lot of changes in me.  The event had Win7 keys as a give away. And unfortunately, I didn’t even manage to get one answer right to win it. This actually showed that I was “technically dumb” then. That made me to work harder to know more about the present trends of technology and there I started getting more expose to “real” online world. Till then orkut had been everything to me. I started reading some blogs and eventually opened one too. I regret to say that still I haven’t been a sucess when it comes to blogging.

While looking at the posters of Win7 launch party, I saw “Microsoft Student Partner” tag with Karthik Kastury’s name. That actually looked fascinating to me and I had immediate desire to be a MSP. I quickly applied for that and was eventually selected. This process made me sign up for Twitter, to which I am very much addictive now. I also got to know Karthik, from whom I learnt a lot in coming days.

With these developments, I was growing more and more ambitious. But soon did I realise that being ambitious can also be disadvantageous in many ways. Soon I had to contain myself a bit. I really thank my PU friends here, who were always there with me during that time and were a source of inspiration for me to bounce back.

I learn’t an important lesson, that I never needed to bother much to all those people who knew nothing other than commenting. This obviously had its impact on the SEM exams.  But still I managed to get a satisfying 9.7 grade point in the first SEM.

In the vacations, I managed to attend my first ever International Conference of Microsoft, TechVista which was held at Leela palace( an awesome hotel) at Bangalore and met some awesome people. It also was the first long distance trip of my life( not sure actually if it was a log distance trip).

This SEM offered a lot of lessons to me. I knew exactly where I stood and made me chart out the plans for the upcoming sem. Yes, this was surely a beginning to a great engineering life that I foresee.

Second SEM was a completely different one. There are lot many memories to be shared about that. But all that in the future post.

    • Smitha
    • August 12th, 2010

    Lovely post shreyas!! nd thanks a lot for includin me…nd am glad that i was a part of ur 1st yr 🙂

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