The Change I need to See in the world is ME

“The only constant in world today is CHANGE”. Very true. But then change what ?

I see people expressing their problems with almost everything around them. They hate the way politicians are screwing us, they hate the way their colleagues are taking away their fame, they hate the way their life partners think of them etc. They need everything around them to change. But frankly, how many of us thought of changing ourselves first rather than going out and trying to change the world round us ?

We tend to look at others as a source of all problems that we fail to look into ourselves and even think of a possibility to put ourselves as a reason for problems around us. Its so easy for us to play blame games for every mishap that we have now forgotten to critically analyze ourselves and even think of a changing ourselves.

So instead of writing pages together on what change we want to see in the world, lets first analyze ourselves today.

People talk about reforms in education, how education is ruining us and suggest lots of methods to change it. But then isn’t it true that education system is solely dependent on students ? Aren’t Larry Page, Dennis Ritchie, Linus Torvalds products of the same education system ? They knew how to use it and hence they became successful. On the other hand, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg were unhappy about the education system. They didn’t go bitching about it, nor did they try to change it all. All they did was take action from their side. They dropped it and they chose their own path.

People talk about corruption and always talk about it. I do agree that its a biggest hinderance to the development of India. Anna Hazare’s movement got huge support from people all around the country. But how many among those people who walked down to the streets to support IAC had never bribed any officer ? Or how many of them who attended the protest didn’t bribe an officer in future when they had to get their work done ? All those people who protested wanted the officers to change and not ask for bribe, but never thought of changing themselves and not offer bribe to anyone. There can’t be a clap with a single hand. Had ever one realized that, there wouldn’t have been bribery at all there would be a requirement of Lokpal at all.

Now-a-days we see lots of posts on Social Media about the current political scenario. The great Kapil Sibal thought of censoring the internet rather than changing the way the Govt functions. And the great people who have power in the hands during elections most of the times cast their votes on many other parameters rather than judging a person solely on his ability. We want the politicians to change, but we don’t want to change our attitude during elections and cast votes effectively. If you are not happy with the way politics works, join it and bring in the change rather than just bitching about it.

Change is not mere aesthetically modifying the system wherein one wishes to be.. It’s more sort of a persona where each and every individual can change themselves,collect themselves and project to the masses that yes,change is sustenance. However,the so called ‘Indian System’ is here to stay.. the ‘chalta hai’ attitude is on the verge of taking new heights..unimaginable heights!!! Easier said than done.The world is nothing but me and you. So if we change ourselves, we can change the world. So as the saying goes “Charity starts at home”, we also need to realize that a “Change should start from oneself “.Only when each and every citizen is ready to raise his hands up and say ‘I can change myself’ , will the nation be progressing towards prosperity. We have achieved a calendar year free of any polio cases,now why not go for atleast a period where one decides to be the change that he wants to see in the world?

  1. VOILA!!!! Good one buddy 🙂 .We are responsible for the existence of any problem in our world either directly or indirectly .

  2. Good one, well analysed and very well narrated.

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