Goodbye Karkala ??

Its 5:00Am when I am writing this post and its very silent around. Probably this is the going to be the first thing that I am going to miss when i leave Karkala. Furnitures and Baggages have already been sent to Bangalore and even we would start traveling in an hour. I always knew leaving Karkala would never be so easy for me. But the memories, the people make it even harder.

When this proposal of shifting to Bangalore came in, almost all in my family where in second thoughts. But I was the only one who was bent upon and confident of shifting to Bangalore. But all of sudden today,I sit here in my very room, wondering was it all a right thing to do! After attending a series of farewell parties and treats over couple of weeks, it gives me more and more of a feeling that, probably this wasn’t the right time to take this call. But then, once chosen, its a path to lead.

Karkala and Nitte will always be special to me. I have had memories that made me laugh, made me cry but remembering all of it now, just  leaves my eyes damp. When we shifted here, When i was in my 2nd Standard, half way through an academic year, teachers at Jaycees were so very co-operative to help me cope up. Large cultural differences between this place and our native soon started vanishing, and Karkala slowly started getting into our bloods. I had the time of my life at my School at Jaycees where I got few friends for my life. It would be very difficult to let them go at any stage of life. We did build our house here, which would be another treasure of memories. My room especially has been so special to me.  Later on PU at Alvas is something that changed me forever. Changed me for good! Lots of awesome friends and a decent performance to shape up my career.

Then came Nitte. Nitte had always been a college i wanted to go to since my childhood. I have seen it grow in magnitude personally. For a single engineering college building to two huge buildings. From an old office to a new one and I always wanted to be there. Though I hated the place initially once I got into it mainly because of the attitude of students towards THE PRINCY’s SON , later learn’t not to give a rat’s ass to it. Had some real great time at Nitte, with people who could see me as SHREYAS, rather than just as “princy’s son” . Thanks to all to people who made my time in Nitte worthwhile. Its been a journey to remember and I can never forget my wonderful class where we had lots of fun. Our branch, the DreamSpark Yatra’s ,TEDxNMAMIT, TechNidarshan and Anandotsava. They all have special places in my heart!

Now, I will be moving into a place where life is so mechanical that one hardly finds time even for the neighbors. Where money matters more than people and where blind trust of everyone  is just a myth. One the contradictory, umpteen opportunities, great exposure and a real chance to make a difference to our lives and to lives of billion awaits for me. Decision has been taken and we are 10 hours away from entering into THE CITY LIFE , which is going to take sometime to sink into our bloods. But all I know now its that I am going to miss Karkala and Nitte for sure! More importantly, I am going to miss the people, my friends who  made it a worthwhile journey.  For sure, this is NOT an end to the Karkala episode of my life, but a new beginning. Thank you all for always being there when I needed you the most.

    • Abhishek Shenoy
    • June 14th, 2012

    ‘Partying’ and ‘Parting’ are the two alternates of life.. Both does involve friends and both,some memories to cherish. I wish a safe and sound relocation to you and your family.
    How about your last year of engineering? Would you be continuing here or going on a mutual transfer?

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