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Goodbye Karkala ??

Its 5:00Am when I am writing this post and its very silent around. Probably this is the going to be the first thing that I am going to miss when i leave Karkala. Furnitures and Baggages have already been sent to Bangalore and even we would start traveling in an hour. I always knew leaving Karkala would never be so easy for me. But the memories, the people make it even harder.

When this proposal of shifting to Bangalore came in, almost all in my family where in second thoughts. But I was the only one who was bent upon and confident of shifting to Bangalore. But all of sudden today,I sit here in my very room, wondering was it all a right thing to do! After attending a series of farewell parties and treats over couple of weeks, it gives me more and more of a feeling that, probably this wasn’t the right time to take this call. But then, once chosen, its a path to lead.

Karkala and Nitte will always be special to me. I have had memories that made me laugh, made me cry but remembering all of it now, just  leaves my eyes damp. When we shifted here, When i was in my 2nd Standard, half way through an academic year, teachers at Jaycees were so very co-operative to help me cope up. Large cultural differences between this place and our native soon started vanishing, and Karkala slowly started getting into our bloods. I had the time of my life at my School at Jaycees where I got few friends for my life. It would be very difficult to let them go at any stage of life. We did build our house here, which would be another treasure of memories. My room especially has been so special to me.  Later on PU at Alvas is something that changed me forever. Changed me for good! Lots of awesome friends and a decent performance to shape up my career.

Then came Nitte. Nitte had always been a college i wanted to go to since my childhood. I have seen it grow in magnitude personally. For a single engineering college building to two huge buildings. From an old office to a new one and I always wanted to be there. Though I hated the place initially once I got into it mainly because of the attitude of students towards THE PRINCY’s SON , later learn’t not to give a rat’s ass to it. Had some real great time at Nitte, with people who could see me as SHREYAS, rather than just as “princy’s son” . Thanks to all to people who made my time in Nitte worthwhile. Its been a journey to remember and I can never forget my wonderful class where we had lots of fun. Our branch, the DreamSpark Yatra’s ,TEDxNMAMIT, TechNidarshan and Anandotsava. They all have special places in my heart!

Now, I will be moving into a place where life is so mechanical that one hardly finds time even for the neighbors. Where money matters more than people and where blind trust of everyone  is just a myth. One the contradictory, umpteen opportunities, great exposure and a real chance to make a difference to our lives and to lives of billion awaits for me. Decision has been taken and we are 10 hours away from entering into THE CITY LIFE , which is going to take sometime to sink into our bloods. But all I know now its that I am going to miss Karkala and Nitte for sure! More importantly, I am going to miss the people, my friends who  made it a worthwhile journey.  For sure, this is NOT an end to the Karkala episode of my life, but a new beginning. Thank you all for always being there when I needed you the most.


The Change I need to See in the world is ME

“The only constant in world today is CHANGE”. Very true. But then change what ?

I see people expressing their problems with almost everything around them. They hate the way politicians are screwing us, they hate the way their colleagues are taking away their fame, they hate the way their life partners think of them etc. They need everything around them to change. But frankly, how many of us thought of changing ourselves first rather than going out and trying to change the world round us ?

We tend to look at others as a source of all problems that we fail to look into ourselves and even think of a possibility to put ourselves as a reason for problems around us. Its so easy for us to play blame games for every mishap that we have now forgotten to critically analyze ourselves and even think of a changing ourselves.

So instead of writing pages together on what change we want to see in the world, lets first analyze ourselves today.

People talk about reforms in education, how education is ruining us and suggest lots of methods to change it. But then isn’t it true that education system is solely dependent on students ? Aren’t Larry Page, Dennis Ritchie, Linus Torvalds products of the same education system ? They knew how to use it and hence they became successful. On the other hand, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg were unhappy about the education system. They didn’t go bitching about it, nor did they try to change it all. All they did was take action from their side. They dropped it and they chose their own path.

People talk about corruption and always talk about it. I do agree that its a biggest hinderance to the development of India. Anna Hazare’s movement got huge support from people all around the country. But how many among those people who walked down to the streets to support IAC had never bribed any officer ? Or how many of them who attended the protest didn’t bribe an officer in future when they had to get their work done ? All those people who protested wanted the officers to change and not ask for bribe, but never thought of changing themselves and not offer bribe to anyone. There can’t be a clap with a single hand. Had ever one realized that, there wouldn’t have been bribery at all there would be a requirement of Lokpal at all.

Now-a-days we see lots of posts on Social Media about the current political scenario. The great Kapil Sibal thought of censoring the internet rather than changing the way the Govt functions. And the great people who have power in the hands during elections most of the times cast their votes on many other parameters rather than judging a person solely on his ability. We want the politicians to change, but we don’t want to change our attitude during elections and cast votes effectively. If you are not happy with the way politics works, join it and bring in the change rather than just bitching about it.

Change is not mere aesthetically modifying the system wherein one wishes to be.. It’s more sort of a persona where each and every individual can change themselves,collect themselves and project to the masses that yes,change is sustenance. However,the so called ‘Indian System’ is here to stay.. the ‘chalta hai’ attitude is on the verge of taking new heights..unimaginable heights!!! Easier said than done.The world is nothing but me and you. So if we change ourselves, we can change the world. So as the saying goes “Charity starts at home”, we also need to realize that a “Change should start from oneself “.Only when each and every citizen is ready to raise his hands up and say ‘I can change myself’ , will the nation be progressing towards prosperity. We have achieved a calendar year free of any polio cases,now why not go for atleast a period where one decides to be the change that he wants to see in the world?

A beginning…(2)

The first half of this SEM seemed a bit boring to me. The fun that we used to have in PU days was missing. But soon things changed and a new class unfolded for the rest of the SEM. People started getting closer and classes were more fun. I still remember those Environmental classes where we enjoyed the m ost. Almost everything seemed so colourful to me. I also had found my best friend of this college Shyam, with whom I spent most of the time in college. He also was my new benchmate and I started shuffling my place due to some obvious reasons( my classmates would know that better). Those chemistry labs where we used to finish the experiments early and used to chat a lot. There I found yet another good friend of mine , Smitha. It so happened once that, the lab was dispersed soon and we were so busy in talking that we never noticed it and we happened to be the only 3 people remaining in the lab. Those days were amazing. I started interacting with more people and everyone seemed friendly to me. Thanks Andy for troubling me the most.

Soon we had our second sessional and again my performance was good. The highlight of this sessional was the last day of it, where we all visited Parappady falls. Someone in the group misguided that its nearby place and hence we chose to walk. Later we did realise that it was a very wrong decision. Heavy rains added more misery to our travel. Ashwin, Sumanth, and others had a trip of their lifetime in a tractor, which they seemed to enjoy the  most (shelling out 500 bugs for that was something that they didn’t enjoy though).  This trip got us more closer and the classes became more fun.

Then there took place an event, which brought a lot of changes in me. Windows 7 launch party. Not really sure, if even Karthik would mind it so special, but this event brought about a lot of changes in me.  The event had Win7 keys as a give away. And unfortunately, I didn’t even manage to get one answer right to win it. This actually showed that I was “technically dumb” then. That made me to work harder to know more about the present trends of technology and there I started getting more expose to “real” online world. Till then orkut had been everything to me. I started reading some blogs and eventually opened one too. I regret to say that still I haven’t been a sucess when it comes to blogging.

While looking at the posters of Win7 launch party, I saw “Microsoft Student Partner” tag with Karthik Kastury’s name. That actually looked fascinating to me and I had immediate desire to be a MSP. I quickly applied for that and was eventually selected. This process made me sign up for Twitter, to which I am very much addictive now. I also got to know Karthik, from whom I learnt a lot in coming days.

With these developments, I was growing more and more ambitious. But soon did I realise that being ambitious can also be disadvantageous in many ways. Soon I had to contain myself a bit. I really thank my PU friends here, who were always there with me during that time and were a source of inspiration for me to bounce back.

I learn’t an important lesson, that I never needed to bother much to all those people who knew nothing other than commenting. This obviously had its impact on the SEM exams.  But still I managed to get a satisfying 9.7 grade point in the first SEM.

In the vacations, I managed to attend my first ever International Conference of Microsoft, TechVista which was held at Leela palace( an awesome hotel) at Bangalore and met some awesome people. It also was the first long distance trip of my life( not sure actually if it was a log distance trip).

This SEM offered a lot of lessons to me. I knew exactly where I stood and made me chart out the plans for the upcoming sem. Yes, this was surely a beginning to a great engineering life that I foresee.

Second SEM was a completely different one. There are lot many memories to be shared about that. But all that in the future post.

A beginning… (1)

Nitte,had been something that I was very familiar with right from my second standard, for the reason that almost everyone knows. I used to see the college quite often and had been wishing to study there. Right from the moment, I started my PU career, I was sure that NMAMIT is where I am going to end up with.

And CET counselling was not so exciting that I had expected it to be. Obviously I choose Nitte. But only Question was WHICH BRANCH? Many wanted me to take up EC (dad also was from EC background). But always I had my mind and soul with Computer Science. I managed to convince all that CS was my destiny(100/100 in CS in PU exam helped). And there I was, coming to the college, branch of my choice.

Initially I did have the fear of how life at Nitte would be. With dad as the Principal of the college, would students accept me? Will be able to have fun like other students?  But soon a lot uncovered and I found out that Life at Nitte would actually be fun.

Aug 18th, Familiarization Program. I reached well at time to the college and came to know that our batch had to attend a function at Sambhram while other few had to move to the Indoor Auditorium for Orientation Program. Many people spoke and then when it was the turn of rewarding few students with good scores, my name was called (not really sure, if I deserved that) and I was handed over a bouquet. Nothing worth mentioning happened that that and by afternoon I was back home.

From my other friends, I came to know that Orientation day was fun and was completely waiting for the next day. All of our friends had plans of being in the same group and so reached the place at the same. But we were distributed into different groups and there I landed into ROSEWOOD team, a team that had members I never had seen earlier. Ratan and Madhu from EC were the leaders of our group and thanks to Ratan( He loudly asked if I was princi’s son) I experienced the first ever ” He is the one” stare for everyone of our group. Hush Hush’s began and soon some people started introducing themselves to me. I preferred to remain silent that day and hence I was hardly noticed. Our team did an awesome skit of Obama and Laden and I gave the idea of carrying a person and a plane and crashing him to another person who was supposed to be the tower. I know Krishnanand might still curse me for choosing him to be the plane. Later I came to know that I had some good friends in that group. Andrea, Shaila were from the same group (I rarely spoke to them that day, but we had lots of fun later).  Krishna was my Coding partner for the entire first year. We competed in some coding events with no success.

Next day was supposed to be the first day of classes and to my bad luck ended up going 10 mins late to the class. Anagha Mam was taking attendance and I just reached at the time of attendance.  Only first bench was vacant and I had to settle there for the entire SEM, with Chirag being my bench mate.  The classes went well that day and we had an awesome group of lecturers teaching us. One lecturer whom I would always remember would be Parashuram Sir. He was very encouraging and I learnt a lot from him. CCP was the subject that I like the most. And used to enjoy those classes. Basic electronics classes were fun and I enjoyed getting +2 marks for answering some difficult questions that sir used to ask during the class. CAD classes were always fun and I enjoyed completing the exercises much before other could. Vinay Sir was very encouraging.

Soon it was time for First Sessionals. The performance was great, with me loosing just 1 mark in total. This set up a higher expectation level from me and i was expected to deliver everytime. In the mean while, people were getting close to me. I had many new friends. Ashwin, Sumanth, Akash, Anuj, Joshil all become close to me and I had wonderful moments with them.  By then, Ignite was happening in the college and It was the first every fest that I attended. I was working on a IISc Project then. But due to time constraints, I couldn’t submit it on time and hence was disappointed. Then Yuvaraj Sir had asked me submit the same as a technical paper during Ignite and Vinay sir helped me then. When I found that the topic of my presentation didn’t match the credentials, I sat over night and authored my first every technical paper of “Quantum Computer and their use in Cryptography”. When I was about to present the paper, I was welcomed by many surprising stares, but I managed to pull up a decent presentation that was well appreciated by everyone.

I could see that the things were falling in place for what was supposed to be a Beginning to many new things. I had many ambitions, many things to achieve. But “First Year Student” tag was a great hinderance. Admist all these I never compromised on fun that followed in the later part of First Sem.

But I guess I will have to pause here. Let me refresh my memory and come to you with the later part of the first SEM soon.

PS: Thanks to Vikas for reminding me the date of commencement of classes.



This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 12; the twelfth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start

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This is my first ever submission for BAT, and it feels great to be a part of this mega blogging event. I was always suggested by Narendra to take part in this event and here I come.

For this,let me start with a small story.

Hari was man of self-esteem. He always was such kind of a person who believed more on his self-abilities rather than luck. Being a modest and a loyal person, he was very happy with happenings in his life and never had any complains.. Though his friends circle was not the best, he always managed to be a good student throughout. Scoring modest marks with good behaviour and was a teacher’s pet. As they say, bad boys manage to attract more girls, he was very unpopular among girls. He would see his friends roaming with their girlfriends and he always had one WISH. He wanted to have a girl in his life who would support him in every phase of his life.

Luck never supported Hari (he bothered least about this). His first ever love resulted in disappointment, when his best friend himself managed to pair up with her. His wish grew stronger and stronger, but unfortunately, he couldn’t help.  He always wondered, if being good and decent is not the right way to live. But he stood firm and never crossed the limits.

Finally “THE GOOD BOY” nature, played its role and he got a girl in his life ,Neha. A sweet, good looking, go

od girl. Hari was on cloud 9 and thanked God for what seemed like 1 million times. Life suddenly seems more beautiful and colourful. He knew his responsibilities well and unfortunately his wish list started growing. Now, to keep the girl happy, he wished for more money, he wished for better results, he wished to be more cool, he wished that, he wished this etc. etc. etc.

The boy who had no complaints in his life, now started seeing many loop holes in it. He used to get very angry, when something that he used to wish wouldn’t come his way. He expected life to be the way he wanted it to be. Life on one side was very colourful, but on the other side, very very dark. Many a times, he was frustrated with himself.

…………….. The story continues and I think you all can guess what the climax of it would be.

This is a very very simple story. This is something that many of us might have experienced in our lives. Wishes are an integrated part of our life. But one thing that i would like to mention here is that wishes remain as wishes if efforts are not put in to fulfil it. And as a result of all the wishes not being fulfilled, a person many even go into depression, like in the case of Hari, So to all the bloggers, participating in this BAT and all other reader, who have many of our wishes, do you think all the wishes will be fulfilled in life?

Many of them, complaining about wishes remaining just as wishes because people tend to get too much involved in them, that they forget to put in efforts to fulfil them. One more point that I would like to make here is that, the wishes should be among ones reach. A normal person like me wishing to be A

merica’s Next president is senseless. Yeah, I do agree that people say to dream high, no matter we achieve it or not, we should be happy that we have given it a try. But don’t you feel that there is a difference in falling from a 100ft building and a 10 ft building? Which one hurts more?

Wishes should always be supportive and encouraging. They should give a new meaning to our life, not destroy it.

Let all our wishes not just remain as wishes and let all be fulfilled.

I have one wish, which is to win this BAT. So I have put in my efforts and have written this article. But if even you wish the same, put in your efforts to vote me and help me fulfil my wish. I don’t like falling even from a 1ft tall building!!!!

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Apsara Kunda- An Unknown Heaven….

Though India boasts about the rich heritage it has got, we have to admit that, there are many beautiful places here which are worth a lot of attention, but stay unnoticed. Among those hundreds of places, I would like to introduce one such beautiful place that I had recently visited. It’s name is APSARA KUNDA. The name is associated with the story of Mahabharata and  is named so because it was believed that the APSARAS(Angels) would bath there. There is also a long story that is associated with the formation of this place. The locals here belive that, Bhima’s mother, asked him to get some water to quench her thirst. Bhima had got surplus of water which he eventually spilled, which lead to the formation of this beautiful place.

Stories apart, the place is a real treat to the eyes. What all can you expect from a tourist place? A falls?, A mountain?, Place of trekking?, A sea?, A beach? , Temples?, Caves?, A lake?, A river?  The best part of Apsara Kunda is that, we can find all these at a single place. I was actually shocked when my friend told me this. But more surprised was I when I actually saw that it was  true.

Apart from the 1.5Kms tiring walk from the highway, everything there seems to be beautiful. This place is located 5 kms from Honnavar and is a shadowed beauty.  When you reach the place, first you get to see two beautiful temples which are carved in the caves, under the mountain. Walking further, we see a falls(small one) which was flowing with full fury during our visit. The place is perfectly placed and the ambience is inviting. After enjoying there, if we walk up, we can see a vast spread, clean beach where we can spend an entire day, if given. After enjoying there for quite a long time, we walked further and noticed that it was the place where some river meets the sea. It was really fun challenging the forces of both sea and ocean and walk across that place to find a rock climbing spot. There stood tall rock mountains that were a treat to watch. We managed to climb a good distance, and then had to return back, due to inexperience and the increased danger. Then then if you climb up the mountain, the scene is awesome. Huge spread sea in the background, small streams of water here and there and a cave at every 100mts. There is also a lake there where you can swim and spend your day.

As of now, some amount of developmental work is being done there. A resort is being built, the accessibility to the place is being worked on. Lets us all hope that, this place becomes a well-known one, soon.

Overall, this is one place that definitely deserves your visit. So pack your bags and pay a visit soon. For pics of this place, Click Here

A realisation…. But is it too late????

Time has been passing and life is becomes more and more exciting than i had ever expected. I always had been a kind of person who was more concentrated on achieving my aims and ambitions. But in this run towards achieving excellence, i somewhere feel that i have missed something special. Being more inclined towards technology, has my heart been too technical?? Yesterday was one of my close friends birthday, but i was so dumb to forget it. Later at the end of the day, when she herself called me, expressing her sadness, there struck a lightning of realisation. Then i started thinking for the whole night. I wasn’t slow in realising that I been doing something wrong from past 6 months or so. Slowly i was getting away from my friends. I had stopped sending forwards to many. I hadn’t replied to many messages nor had i called many of my them. And yesterday, when i was watching the movie BADMASH COMPANY, though it was a 3 hour crap, it made me realise the true value of friendship.

This post, i would dedicate it to all my DEAR FRIENDS, who have been with me for a long time, supported me in my good and bad times.

Friends, SORRY for what i have been doing and I PROMISE TO STAY IN TOUCH FOR EVER.

Also let this blog post be a message to all those who are getting too mechanical with their life, ones who are too busy to think about the people around you, “Never ever take relations so lightly”. It is always reciprocating. If you respect the relation, the relation respects you.  Truthfully ask these questions to yourself and then even you might have a realisation streak like what i had.

1) Did you ever confess to your friend about how important he/she is in your life?

2) On how many instances, you actually thanked your MOM and DAD for everything that they have done.(We tend to remember to thank them only on Mother’s or Father’s day!!!!)

3) When you had really hurt someone who cared for you, why did you ever hesitate to say “SORRY” to him/her?

4) Have you ever thought about your neighbours problems seriously?


Think seriously friends…. Everyone might laugh with you and have a happy time together. But how many people actually are comfortable to share their difficulties with you? Its high time, we think of it all. I have realised the importance of some everlasting relations. And yeah, it’s never late. But don’t let it happen so that, you realise the importance of somebody when that person goes away from your life.


Think-Its never too late