Love is divine????

When Valentines Day is approaching, lovers are in focus. Despite the efforts Of Mutalik to stop the celebration of Valentines day, it still proceeds at a same rate and still lovers do enjoy this day. But one question that should be asked is that, whether LOVE is loosing its importance these days?

The reason why I chose to write on this is an incident that occurred in our class. Two of my friends, who were into a mutual relationship, broke up few months ago.  If you were to see them, just few weeks before their break-up , you could easily come to a conclusion that, they are “made for each other couples”. But today, they hate each other the most.

So is this what true love is?

The divine love that people used to talk about, is gradually fading these days? Love today has become more of a time pass relationship. But is this right?


Love actually is divine. Love is everywhere. I do belive in Love at first sight, because i started loving my mother soon after I saw her after my birth. There can never be a break -up between me and my mom. 

Today, when ever we speak of love, we just visualize a young boy and a girl.But how can we actually forget the other forms of love that is everywhere. Think of a solider, who loves his country more than anything else? We still remember the names of Romeo and Juliet, who gave away their lives for the sake of love. But how many soliders do we remember, who gave away their lives for the love towards their country?

How many mothers (other than ours) do we really recognise with lot of dignity? Mothers sacrifice a lot just for the sake of love they have towards their family.

We see that, the love of a solider towards their country or the love a priest towards GOD,or love of Mother towards her family never fades and remains the same in all circumstances. I remember many instances where i might have spoken harsh to my mother or sister, due to my short-tempered nature. But still they love me the same. This is what true love is.

This type of love between youngsters of opposite sex today is rarely seen. Many a times, it’s just infatuation or sometimes just a tool to fulfill their needs. Remember, never get into a relation, even if u have a 1% doubt of retaining it till the very end.

So, on this Valentines Day, instead of just wishing these young, so-called lovers, even salute all those who have showered true love on you.

Also, think about people whom you might have hurt and try to show love even towards those people and you can see that the world transforms to a very beautiful place to live in…….


Firefox 3.6 – Changing the way u browse

Recently, Firefox came up with a new version of their browser and provided more tools for those who enjoyed coustumizing their browser the way they want it to be!!!

Here are some of the new features…

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Open Video and Audio: HTML5 audio and video support.

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My First Shot at fiction 55


God! Please listen to one wish of mine….”, Anxious Sam was praying and was battling his restlessness and curiosity.

Nisha, his dream girl comes to him…..

With a blushing face and in an innocent tone says “I LOVE YOU TOO…”

Sam not knowing how to react says

Pray God that I pass in exams….

2012- A true fact or just a story!!

While the news of “end of world” is raging like a wild fire, there are two groups of people who have taken different stands on this issue. If some call it a true prediction, while others simple drive away this idea. But what actually is the right approach?? is the world really going to end? Or is it one among the media built up stories? 

Mayan Calender, which has been known for all right predictions till date has its latest and its last prediction that the world is going to end on 21st Dec 2012 at around 4 PM. As per many news channels, even many calendars have DEC 21st, 2012 as their last date. Ans moreover, the predictions of MAyan Calender can’t be taken too lightly. The accuracy in its prediction is the one that causes a bit of fear in ourselves.

Some of its predictions are

1) Birth of Hitler.It had even suggested his name. The prediction goes like this. “There will be a birth of a person by name “HISLER” who would put the whole of Mankind to shame.” And the prediction turned out to be true.

2) occurence of Tsunami. Both instance of tsunami where accurately predicted by Mayan calendars.

So by reading this, definitely an air of fear flows every where. So is the world really going to end?

Before I answer this question, first of all just look at the world around you. The climatic variations, disasters everywhere, don’t you think that if the same trend continues, the world is definitely going to end shortly? Do we need some astronomical calculations to predict that? It is a matter of simple common sense. Yet we fail to realise that. Just roll back your memories to 10 years. Just look at the rate at which the number of natural disasters have increased recently. Might be the unusually heavy rainfall in India or the unusually heavy snowfall in Western countries. The fatal darkness during day time in US or the similar instance in Australia. All these instances do give a clear sign about some bad happening in recent future.

People talk about technological developments, setting up factories etc etc etc. But what will be the use of all these inventions,developments, if there is no place for its implementation. But this I don’t oppose such activities. But what i would like to suggest here is that , the area of such research should change a bit. In spite of moving ahead, thinking of more and more machines that are going to simplify our human activities, technologies that will ease the usage of all existing technologies, without harm to the environment should be invented. And I feel that this is the last resort.

Coming to the matter of Mayan Calender, it is a media built up story which interpreted the stuffs in the calendar wrongly. I generally don’t support these media hypes. But in this case I do so.

The reason is that it is the best thought hype that I have ever seen till now. It deals with the mentality of people. this reminds of a sms joke that was in circulation few weeks ago.

It says, Different ways of getting things done, A senior and a very faithful employee of a factory goes to his BOSS and demands for a raise in salary. He shouts, blackmails about strikes, but the boss remains unmoved. Later a cute looking lady employee of the same company goes to the boss and tells that if he doesn’t increment their salary, she would inform the Head Office that the boss has increased only her salary… Within half an hour all the employees receive a letter regarding their increment in salary.

This sms suits the best to the present scenario. We have many environmentalists who shout their heart out telling people to do their best to save the environment. But people generally don’t care about them. But the fact that their life is going to end in few years has struck gold in this regard and people have really started thinking. So ADIOS Mayan Calender. 

Readers, It is very essential for us to protect this earth.  Let this master piece of GOD not be destroyed by our silly actions.